"Quality, Safety and legislation Services - Food, Toys, chemical products, Household goods and Cosmetics." "Total Quality assured - Future assured"

The British, EU and overseas market requirements are becoming increasingly complex concerning the quality, safety and legality of products.

We believe that by having a first class Technical, safety and legislation service underpinning your products you can ensure that your company can achieve success and for this purpose;

We provide independent legislation, QA and assessment services including:


  • PASS Compliance - Hazardous Substance Control (HSC) inc. REACH Compliance
  • Labelling compliance review
  • GMP Status assessment
  • Production Verification (HSC) - on - site
  • REACH Compliance - BoM evaluation and verification
  • Product Design Risk Assessments
  • Advisory service relating to recognised food standards (BRC - IFS)
  • Use and choice of Test Houses
  • Ethical Assurance


All the services above are operated through our UK Office as carried out by qualified experts, specialists and assessors.

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