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Preparation and implementation of Quality Systems




Product Assurance Ltd utilises the expertise of its advisors trained in ISO9001, BS EN ISO14001 and ICTI and with practical quality management experience to design and implement formalised systems of management to include within scope: Quality requirements, Environmental, ICTI – Code of Business Practice. 

When so instructed by a client these systems are prepared to a standard for third party certification through Independent Third Party Assessment.

In order to achieve a standard for the final system, our designated personnel will work with our clients designated Senior management personnel and Quality representatives with direct responsibility for the creation and implementation of the  Management System and its scope.  We will address all relevant aspects of the applicable Standard(s) within scope and  assist client companies  in taking all appropriate steps as follows:-

·                     Identify all the work flow - processes within the organisation.

·                     Formulate a time bound consultancy and training plan

·                     Draft a Quality Manual and the appropriate Procedures and other documents required to achieve certification.

·                     Identify the most suitable Assessment Body. Note:  As an independent company Product Assurance Ltd and Product Assurance (HK) Ltd have no ties with any certification body.

·                     We can if required: Submit a Request for Quotation.

·                     We can if required:  Make Application for Assessment.

·                     We can if required:  Agree with the Assessment Body whether a preliminary visit should be carried out.

·                     We can if required:  Implement Actions in preparation for the Assessment visit.

As part of systems development we will as the system development and implementation progresses advise participants concerning:   

·                     The purpose and conduct of Pre-Assessment visits.

·                     The Opening and Closing Meetings.

·                     The actual Certification Assessment.



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