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Production Verification (HSC) - on - site

Product Assurance provides one man-day on-site Hazardous Substance Control (HSC) Production Verification Assessments based on the declared formulation of the product through Product. As a trusted third party with offices Buckingham UK and Shenzhen we are able to sign a confidentiality agreement and hold on file formulations of a commercially sensitive nature.

We are able to review risk assessment documentation e.g. Toxicologist Risk Assessments, Cosmetic or formulation safety statements, EN71 Part 9 test report etc and verify that what was reviewed for the purposes of determining regulatory compliance is being produced at the place of manufacture and furthermore that there are no processes liable to adversely affect the formulation.

This work provides evidence of due diligence to producers and purchasers alike.

All China based Assessors meet the following criteria:

1  Science degree or higher in a materials technology, engineering or science discipline. The majority have MSc/MBA higher qualifications.
2  IRCA registration  - Auditor/Lead Auditor for QMS.
3  Experience and knowledge of:  ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and GMP gained through the preparation of IMS certified systems.

At least 5 years experience of auditing.

1  Have attended an intensive PASS Compliance training course in Hazardous Substance Control (HSC) legislation and implementation at the factory level by a Eurotox/Board Diplomat registered Toxicologist.
2  Have all undertaken onsite shadow auditing as part of their qualification as PASS Compliance assessors.

 PASS Compliance Registration Form.pdf

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